Leadership Development

When did you last tell your employees why it is important that he or she works for your company?

The availability of competent teams is a critical success factor for many ventures and enterprises. The availability of talented and skillful people is a significant part of this equation, but with emphasis on both “significant” as well as (only) “part”. That is the exact point where I stumbled on “Forstreiter Consulting”. The way that they glued the professional content together with the emotional and cultural side is nothing short of extremely impressive. Started out with “just” an aggregation of good people, ended up with a GREAT TEAM (which delivered). Enjoyed it very much and benefitted equally and would do a reprise anytime.

BERT RITS, Head of Projects Downstream OMV


Team event, management experience and position-fixing

Promotion of personal responsibility

Every human can only change him-/herself. Hence, our trainings focus on personal responsibility and accountability.

Far away from conventions

We try to train outside of conventional seminar rooms as much as possible! With outdoors being our favorite :)

Theory meets practice


The training cycle starts off with a kick-off event. Behavioral patterns, atmosphere and need for action are beginning to become visible. Subsequently we will work on improvements in training modules and review the effects. Thereby, the transfer into everyday life will be ensured.



3 training modules


kick-off event

preparation & strategy


Desire for change meets personal responsibility

Straight up

Buying at Forstreiter Consulting equals training by 2x Forstreiter.

Hard fact meets soft fact! KPI meets emotion! The combination of Mag. Elisabeth Forstreiter (communication and coaching) and Dipl.-Ing. Paul Forstreiter (former executive director with 20 years of management experience) is our USP!

Management experience meets social competence

Vision meets implementation