Sustainable Leadership

What does sustainable leadership mean?

Sustainable leadership is comparable with gardening. A good gardener knows his/her garden and each of its plants. He/she grooms them, trims them, rejoices in its diversity and helps every plant to blossom.
How well do you know your garden?
When was the last time you told your employee why he or she is an important member of your company?

Sustainability meets line organization

Which values are important in your company?

Salutogenesis: What keeps your employee hale and hearty?

YES, there are HAPPY JOBS, by which managers and employees can develop themselves sustainably and have fun working.
Do you also want to create happy jobs in your company?
We are initiators and founding members of the new Zentrum für Nachhaltigkeit (Center for Sustainability).

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Manager meets employee

Each manager has to make a decision at least 10 times a day.

What are the criteria by which you make a decision?

Is it profit?
Is it the quarterly figure?
Is it the next career promotion?
Or are ethical topics crucial for your decision?

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KPI meets values