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Leadership meets attitude

We do not understand leadership as a pure action. It is an attitude that you actively decide to adopt again and again. You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone and take a step toward yourself. That’s how you find your way to others. As a tool for this, there is communication. It is constant and everywhere – even if not consciously. We use it consciously to make our leadership attitude tangible for others.

Planning meets heart

Well planned is half won – but only half. We support everyone who really wants to get started. This requires plans that are implemented with heart. Our passion is to be there in an advisory capacity and to see how the fruits grow and are harvested.

Homework meets success

A consultant is measured by the success of his clients. That’s why we accompany the processes we set in motion from start to finish. It also happens more often that we assign homework. This is the only way to get from ” looking important to looking right”.

Why we do what we do

Our understanding of leadership and communication

Those who see their life as an opportunity for personal development are ready to take responsibility and to shape it. And only if we recognize our own responsibility, we can trust our environment, share responsibility and support it so that everyone acts and shapes accordingly.

With our formats and tools, we have compiled a toolbox over the years in which everything is inside to support you and your company in becoming a consistently purring engine. We see ourselves as engineers, mechanics, and gas station attendants. In other words, we design, screw and step on the gas until everything runs like clockwork.

Passion meets goals

There are many ways people can come together. We have mastered some of them and tailor our formats to individual solutions that meet the challenge at hand.

In our workshops, facilitations and trainings, we teach leadership skills and align personal passions with a defined objective. This is how managers become leaders, management boards become leader boards and companies become effective organizations.

Vision meets hearing

Let’s not beat around the bush: many companies have a problem getting their vision from the leadership team to the organization. We love the challenge of doing just that.

To do that, we first look at whether the vision fits the company. Then we package it into a compelling story that we tell through defined internal communication channels. In this way, we don’t just impose a vision on an organization, but make it absorb it like a thirsty sponge.

Heart meets brain

And that pretty much sums up what makes us unique as Forstreiter Consulting. As a team, we bring hard facts together with emotional enthusiasm and our clients to success. To flesh this out a bit, we’ve put together a (non-exhaustive) list of formats and tools that we’ve tested and improved over the years.

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • Culture Change
  • TraiVents
  • Facilitation
  • Management Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Team retreats
  • Courageous leadership
  • Discovering and promoting skills


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