The joy of people drives us forward!

“The joy of people drives us forward! In our activities, both the hard facts and the soft facts are important. Heart meets brain and strength meets experience. Organization meets creative freedom. Our mission: Work is an essential part of our lives. It should fulfill people and create meaning in the community.”

Elisabeth & Paul


…spent 2 years abroad in The Hague during her high school years. Besides her professional engagement at Siemens, Wr. Städtische and Bank Austria, she studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and linguistics at the University of Vienna. After years dedicated to her family with 2 daughters, she strengthened her commitment in the field of event management and completed the diploma course “Academy Event Management” in 2011. In 2013 she completed her portfolio with the training for speakers and presenters at the School of Speech with Tatjana Lackner, 1010 Vienna. At the end of 2013/2014 she completed her extra-occupational trainer and coaching education.


…studied mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Initially as an authorized signatory at Siemens AG Austria, he worked as a manager in the building services, infrastructure and industry sectors. His passion was always Smart Mobility, he was responsible for the development of the Siemens traffic telematics business, was for many years deputy chairman of the board of the Austrian Traffic Telematic Cluster. Since 2011, he has been a board member of Swarco Traffic Holding AG, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange , most recently as Chairman of the Executive Board of the parent company Swarco AG, leading 3.500 employees with a revenue of 450 Mio EUR based in 30 countries worldwide. 2013 he built his own Company Forstreiter Consulting, sharing his 20 years experience in management.

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