We are happy as an agency

when we grow with

our clients.

Why we like to make advertising that works:

We love helping people to promote the excitement of their ideas. We prefer to work with products or companies that speak for themselves. Because then the advertising promise also matches what is being advertised.

How we connect the old and the new:

Before we develop marketing actions or advertising campaigns, we take a very close look at what we actually want to change. Because many things are actually good as they are and just need a new coat of paint.

Why we see ourselves as project drivers:

When clients puts their trust in us, we want to say thank you with creativity, but also professional implementation from start to finish. That’s why we check in once in a while too often, so that great projects don’t get lost.

What we stand for

Our understanding of marketing and advertising

Like many other agencies, we stopped thinking in terms of advertising channels a long time ago. Marketing and advertising companies, products and services need a consistent story. And it starts internally.

Our experience in consulting allows us to start with the setting of goals and the development of strategy in order to set the course for the marketing and advertising campaigns of a project as early as possible. This creates consistent brand stories that reach target groups emotionally and informatively.

How do I need to communicate to achieve what?

In principle, this is the only question that needs to be answered when developing a communication strategy. In our opinion, the strategy should be explained in one sentence. But of course, we go into detail and answer the “why”, the “what”, the “where” and the “when” in our strategy paper.

The strategy plan also defines the communication problem, which is then to be solved by an advertising campaign.

How creative does a campaign have to be?

That depends on the general conditions. How well known is the brand to be advertised? What are the budgetary possibilities? What can the target group be expected to do? These are just the first questions we ask ourselves after the briefing and before the brainstorming. We can be funny or serious, abstract or concrete, daring or conservative. We always decide this together with our clients. In any case, we arouse emotions, because that’s the only way to get attention.

What do we do specifically?

We are also not too shy for individual marketing and promotional activities. This is probably the best place on our website to simply list what we can specifically offer through our network of partners. And if something can’t be covered, we look for suitable experts to expand our network.


  • Text and concept Graphic design, corporate design
  • Print production, direct marketing, newsletters
  • Video and film production
  • Podcasts, radio and other audio media
  • photography
  • Web design, programming and SEO
  • Social media

What does a successful event need?

For us, it’s four things: food, drink, emotion and emotion! For our life we like to create moments that will be remembered. The planning is done in close coordination with our client. One question we like to ask is: What is the meta-goal for our client? We bundle this and other goals of the respective event into a consistent overall experience that leaves an impression.


We are fully aware that we can tell you what we want here. But what really counts is that a cooperation at eye level develops. That’s why we would like to invite you to join us for a non-binding coffee.

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